Riley Bourke

Riley is both ambitious and lazy at the same time.

Known as “Rainbae” on her video game streaming account, she performs her gaming sessions live quite frequently and has gained a bit of a following.

However, while it sustains her enough among her modest apartment, it’s not the only thing she wants to do. Between her joy in games and several different job positions, she feels a greater calling on her creative side.

Pixels Bunni

She is a mysterious digital sprite who came to Riley seeking both a greater purpose and companionship.

Pixels has an expanse mind of computer knowledge and code, having traveled several different quadrants of the digitized realm known as the Bitverse.

While enjoying the many exploits and adventures with Riley’s Bitverse persona, Raelyn, she longs to be a part of reality.

Saneda Jefferson

Riley’s best friend since high school, even though she moved away to build a career in computer programming, they still keep in touch often.

While dedicated to the craft she pursued, she holds a passion within music and will often get “bubbly” when talking about her secret passion of becoming a DJ.

She’s considered a very hard worker who loves a good challenge. Though energetic and tries to stay fit, she has a weakness for sweets and desserts having lived in a household full of culinary professionals.

Lenore Luna

Lenore is Riley’s next door neighbor and closest friend. While she dabbles in music from time to time, her main passion is in her writing and has written several books in her past time making a generous living.

Generally calm and collect with a playful dark side, she remains content in her modest lifestyle caring for her daughter as a single mother.

She is a supportive figure within Riley’s life and provides positive guidance and influence, though her priority is devoted to the care of her child.

Cici Luna

The baby daughter of Lenore whom she refers to as her “Little Candle”

Though living within a dark gothic household, Lenore tends to enjoy keeping her as bright as her cheerful spirit.


Not much is to say about Riley’s “Bitverse” persona as they are the complete same person.

While finding enjoyment in her time within the digital realms with her linked companion, Pixels, Riley finds it still difficult to cope with the many differing abilities as an anthropomorphic skunk.

Trace Guerrero

The son of a used video game shop owner Riley tends to frequent, if there were any other reason for her to visit.

Strong and very capable, he often gets a misread reputation of being a bit of an airhead as working at the shop he has very little knowledge of games at all, but he does tend to become fascinated with Riley’s enjoyment of them.

Trace is very dedicated to his family and his values and is often the one carrying the weight.


Under the handle “MortalPynk”, Hailey is a self-proclaimed “rival” to Riley’s gaming stream channel.

Despite the seemingly playful competition between them, Hailey has a deep jealousy for Riley over her slightly grander popularity. While they’ve never met in person, Hailey keeps her distance and watches in envy.

She can be a bit short-tempered and rude but only feels she has to be in order to get noticed.


One of Pixels “friends” within the Bitverse, she is a similar A.I. although her expertise is within crypto-currency and money value.

Her passion is within dollar signs and is fairly sneaky and competitive over her clingy need for greed. While she has no real ulterior motives, she can often seem untrustworthy.